Winkhaus Portal

Our goal in creating the campaign was to give customers a comprehensive yet enjoyable experience when navigating the Winkhaus Portal. To make sure that the video’s were both interesting and informative, we chose to use film and special effects to demonstrate the features of the portal. We also made sure that the video’s were easy to understand, with clear instructions and visuals that make the process of using the portal simple.

Striving to make the video’s as engaging and entertaining as possible, we used captivating visuals and animation to show the portal in action, and incorporated music and sound effects to make the experience more enjoyable. Alongside making sure to keep the video’s concise, so that customers can get a full understanding of the portal without making it feel overwhelming.

We hope that their customers find the video’s to be a helpful and enjoyable guide to using the Winkhaus Portal. The combination of fun visuals and clear instructions will make the experience of using the portal a pleasant one and we are confident that the video’s will provide customers with the information they need to make the most out of their experience.


• Concept

In a nutshell, the video’s shows a customer needing something from winkhaus, when suddenly a hand appears out of the screen and hands them the part they need. This illustrates how easy and straightforward the portal is to use, taking all the hassle out of ordering locks, tackling invoices, order updates and more. 

• Teaser Video

The video was put out across social’s as a teaser to get the target audience intrigued about the new portal.

• Additional Video’s

• Alternate Intro

This was an idea we developed at concept stage but wasn’t used as a final piece, it showcases the different steps in using the portal and also shows an inside into the brand which then forms into the logo.

• Full Video

This is the primary video that combines multiple additional videos seamlessly, providing an explanation of how the portal will function.

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