Nottingham Charity wants to say Thank You to Nottingham

We had worked with Nottingham Hospitals Charity previously, so when the Charity told us they wanted to create a Thank You message to the people of Nottingham for raising and donating money to the charity and NHS during the Covid 19 pandemic, Born couldn’t have been more delighted to design and gift this to them as a gesture of goodwill.

The campaign was to be locally based and carry a simple message of thanks.  We needed to keep the design clean and clear as it was to appear on billboards and bus sides where they are viewed for a short space of time as you pass by.  We used the colour palette of the rainbow to simply under line the key message ‘Nottingham Thank You’.  We also introduced the charity’s branding of a heart which replaced the ‘O’ in Nottingham in order for the public to recognise it was the charity running the campaign.  Social media icons ran along the bottom of the design and the charity brand was repeated at the bottom right as a corporate sign off.

A simple but very effective campaign to carry a real heart felt message to everybody who helped during these difficult times. To view the campaign click here.

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