Creating campaigns and seeing them through from start to finish really gets us excited, so when Stepnell asked us to do exactly that – we jumped at the chance!

Stepnell is a complete construction partner with proven end-to-end project lifecycle expertise. They approached us to create an internal safety campaign consisting of a new identity, new branding and a full suite of marketing collateral.

We couldn’t wait to jump straight in!


Name Creation

The first step was coming up with a name for the identity, which would be the flagship for the campaign. We settled on the name ‘Teamship’ as it defines the whole spectrum of the health and safety campaign, alongside the tagline ‘Safer Together’ which portrays the importance of working together as a team.

As pen was put to paper, the logo iconography was created developing the T of Teamship into a first aid plus alongside the i being lowercase to represent an employee. The colour scheme was adapted from the umbrella brand allowing for the flexibility of the identity to sit alongside the stepnell brand or as a stand-alone.


Developing the Brand

Now an identity was established, we needed to develop that into a brand with supporting collateral.

To reinforce the importance of working together as a team, we created multiple hoarding boards to go around the Stepnell sites. These consisted of Stepnell employees cropped into the first aid plus, portraying the ethos of ‘if you work together as a team, you’re safer together’.

The use of the umbrella brand colour scheme allowed employees and onlookers alike to identify the hoarding as a Stepnell counter part.


‘We Want, Hard Hitting Impact’

After meeting with the client, and presenting our findings and creativity – it was time to crack on with the supporting printed material.

We developed the campaign further by creating a half face scenario split down the middle. On one half you have an employee working alone, which has caused an accident to happen, resulting in facial wounds. On the other side we have an unharmed employee with supporting co-workers in the background. This bespoke photography and special effects reinforces the ‘Safer Together’ tagline perfectly.

In order to capture that ‘hard hitting impact’ we edited the right side by exaggerating the wounds through contrast, greyscaled the image, and introduced a grunge texture in the background. Contrasted with the full colour image on the left, this really created a hard hitting visual.


Don’t Worry, It’s Just Make-up!

When we concocted this idea, we had a very particular vision of how both Born and the client wanted it to look. A look we could of never achieved through stock photography. But that didn’t phase us – there is always a way!

After endless searching for people with nasty facial scars we opted for plan B and hired a professional SFX make-up artist to create the exact look we wanted.

Working with actual Stepnell employees, on an actual Stepnell site made the campaign that bit more personal and closer to home. We hired Chris Vaughan for the photography who never disappoints, and got some cracking shots. We received the bespoke photography and started the editing process to suite them into the overall campaign.

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