Fire Safety Campaign

The British Woodworking Federation (BWF) is a dedicated body for the woodworking and joinery manufacturing industry. We were commissioned by them to create a short animation and social assets for their new campaign.



Fire Door Safety

We were approached by the BWF to create a full awareness campaign to highlight fire doors and the importance of them to be used and maintained correctly.


Rolling out the goods

Fire safety is a very important subject. But at Born, we totally understand this subject and area, so we made strong recommendations to the BWF on how to get their campaign messages across. All our ideas were very well received, and the style in which we created them. Strong messaging and actions ran though the animation and all printed materials.


Closing the door on fire

We created a set of campaign posters to enforce this years slogan ‘close the door on fire’.



We created a set of social assets to be used across all 4 platforms. These were the same design as the posters just amended for each platform.



We used the likes of animation as it is such a strong tool to conjure messages in a quick, visually engaging manor. For this subject we felt it was the perfect media to be used on all digital platforms and all printed media followed the same design style. Strong, eye catching, and thought provoking titles were used to grab attention which were supported by well crafted content and calls to action.

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