Artex Exhibition Stand

Artex offers a wide range of support from their flexible delivery service to a range of online and offline tools to help merchants sell the brands they offer. We were approached by them to create two Artex exhibition stand’s in different locations on the same day…. We love a challenge.


The initial brief was to showcase Artex’s wide range or products as well as their sustainability ethos. With the stand only being a 2×3 metre space, this was a challenge in itself. We worked closely with the client (as we do on all our projects) to create a wow factor that ensured the footfall stopped, and took a closer look.


Artex already have a very established brand within their industry. However, we created a bespoke element from their identity – developing their logo diagonal lines, into diagonal arrows. These arrows helped guide the audiences eyes to the key information, on both the left wall and the right wall.


The brief for the two stands was to create a space that truly expressed the Artex brand. We achieved this through colour palette and bespoke brand elements such as call outs and diagonal lines developed from the existing identity. The use of the backlit wall helped project the brand even more and formed a beacon in a crowded exhibition hall.

To create a third dimensional presence on the stand, we designed two bespoke cabinets which also doubled up as storage on the day. The cabinet designs consisted of a bespoke QR code that could be scanned by passers by. This then sent them to a web page/walk through video to help demonstrate the product range even further.

The second stand consisted of a ‘putting challenge’ golf game which was branded Artex, to suite in with the overall stand. The putting game implemented an element of fun and competition on the day and helped pull people onto the stand. This was also accompanied by a Television which played multiple demonstration videos for each Artex product.

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