Why complicate Design?

I was always told as a young boy, just be honest and say it how it is!!

I started in the creative industry in the 80’s and in those days we all just said it as it was, straight and simple. As the industry and sector has grown and expanded for some odd reason designers and account managers have started using jargon like “Differentiation” and Behaviours” do we think it makes us sound clever and important? Graphic design as a process is all about making things simple to understand and making sense of things, if we show off aren’t we moving away from the whole point??

Over the years I have herd some fantastic one-liners like

“The new identity stems from a paradox effect surrounded by a combination of funk layering beyond formality.”

What does that even mean?

If you want people to understand you and value what you’re saying, then just say it how it is. If you try to overly elaborate you potentially can confuse your client, then you have failed.

Just be honest, keep it simple!

Everything Starts With A Dot.