Who is the target audience for your brochure?

What are your audience’s concerns and what questions do they want answers to? It’s really important to know what questions your audience want answered and how to do that effectively. Remember the brochure has a purpose, what do you want to gain from the brochure? Is it a selling or awareness tool or just a confidence builder? Don’t try and make it all three, it won’t work, instead be specific and targeted and you will see a better return on investment. 

To ensure we deliver the information in the right way we’ll ask a lot of questions. If the design agency you engage don’t do this or the designer is inexperienced, problems will no doubt arise. If you are providing text to your graphic designer, make sure it’s as complete as possible and that it hits the mark. Often a company wants to talk about everything they do rather than addressing the relevant services and topics that their audience needs to know in order to make an informed decision.  It’s always worth speaking to a professional copywriter who will convey the right messages, USP’s and create a tone of voice.

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