What’s your choice in typography say about your brand?

Typography refers to the font (or type), this is very important when creating your brand as the style needs to fit the appearance. Below are the four main styles of typefaces:

Serif fonts: Serif’s are for the more classical and elegant people, examples of these are Times New Roman or Garamond, they have what look like an anchor (or to some people, little feet) on the end of each letter. This typeface is great if you want your brand to appear trustworthy, traditional, and just a little old school.

Sans serif fonts: This one is for all the sleek, modern folk. Helvetica or Franklin Gothic are prime examples of a fonts that have smooth edges and lack the anchor or “feet” of their serif counterparts. Sans serif fonts give a more sleek, modern feel to brands.

Script typography: This adds abit of luxury and femininity to your type, fonts like Allura or Pacifico can be a great way to add the luxurious feel to your brand.

Display fonts: Each display font has a specialised element, whether it’s an unusual shape to the letters, outlines, shadowing, or a more artistic/hand-drawn edge (think Metallica’s lightening bolt font). Want to make a bold statement and create a brand identity people won’t soon forget? A display font is a great way to do it.

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