Top 4 reasons to keep Print Advertising in your marketing strategy.

The advertising industry has seen tremendous amount of evolution, mostly attributable to growing digitalisation and technology.

Social media and digital marketing are a great way to gain brand exposure! However, at Born Agency, we believe that print advertising (e.g. newspapers, magazines, posters, brochures, billboards) is fundamental and can lead to more sales and here’s why:

1. Lasting impression

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According to Neuroscience, print ads as opposed to digital ads stimulate a consumer’s emotional reaction to an ad, enhance their memory of the advert, increase desirability and valuation!

2. Trust and reliability

Print advertising has been around for years! Consumers therefore relate this type of advertising with a base of trust, reliability and a sense of seriousness.

Therefore, coupling both digital and print advertising are an effective marketing strategy!

3. Your Reach

Print adverts in particular, magazines, newspapers and brochures allow you to target your specific audience where as larger print forms such as billboards, posters etc. enhance your reach and create a great brand exposure reaching those who are not active on digital media.

4. Brand awareness and online recognition

Print advertising creates an impression, it relates to trust and reliability and enhances brand exposure which would ultimately lead to potential customers and create an online recognition of your brand (plus more sales)!

Keep your digital marketing blooming but do not forget to also invest in print advertising for the best marketing results!

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