The small things matter in Marketing

It’s ok getting the big plan in place but if you miss the detail all your hard work is for nothing. The CEO of SAS Airlines once said  ‘If we leave coffee stains on our trays it tells the customer we don’t service the plane engines correctly.’  Who in their right mind would get on a plane thinking that i wonder, not me, so keep a close eye on the detail, it makes a huge difference.
As Creatives we will recommend paper stocks for print as part of our design process, we often get asked why, let me explain:
If you’re investing money in creative design why get the last little bit wrong? This could be the paper stock choice, the touch, the feel, the weight. I’ve seen great design killed by cheap paper stock to save pennies many times.  It’s important to remember we all have various senses so if you want to get a message of quality across, the way the paper feels to the touch is as important as the design.
Just think, if your corporate brochure was on a table with other brochures, what can you do to make yours the one that’s picked up? It’s the small details that add to the overall impact and that’s when it counts.

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