University of Lincoln – Doing it Differently

We were approached by the University of Lincoln (Innovation team) to create a piece of direct mail that would help them to promote their Innovation Conference, the focus of which was to attract local businesses to come and be part of the Innovation Day. There were public speakers from all types of business whose purpose was to motivate SME’s and give them ideas on how innovation could improve their own businesses.

We needed to create something ‘different’, it had to stand out and be interactive, so we created a piece of direct mail that included 3D glasses, certain parts of the printed item had images and information that really stood out when viewed with the glasses. We used strong calls to action and drove traffic to their website for online bookings.

The conference was very successful and a great deal of businesses attended. We had lots of positive feedback on the direct mail which was not only eye catching, it captured the imagination of the viewer and worked well to stimulate interest in the conference in the run up to the event.

ClientUniversity of LincolnServices3D Direct MailYear2016

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