Pink Drink

There is a growing trend towards marketing campaigns in the drinks industry for the ‘pink label’ purchase for ladies drinks.

Some of the country’s largest brewers/distillers are looking at this idea. To mention just two, Johnnie Walker Whisky and BrewDog Craft Beers have both launched their campaigns.

BrewDog have always been a little daring and quite cool I believe, but I’m undecided on this one. Do they really need to go down this route? Is it not a little patronising? If a lady wants a particular drink I’m sure they would order it. I do know there is research to back this trend up, but really?

I am completely supportive of being very focused and targeting your audience. I do know the figures show positive growth from these campaigns to date, but I will wait to see how it goes!

Taking it one stage further there is now beer for dogs!! Where will this all end??

We could always have a colour coding system for all drinks:
RED = Unavailable  GREEN = Available  YELLOW = Undecided.

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