Marketing in the New Normal

Since consumer behaviour and preferences have changed dramatically during the past 6 months, marketing research must remain up to date to ensure that it is still relevant and fit-for-purpose – knowledge is power after all! Having strong marketing data can also help to build consumer trust, at a time when there’s a general downward trend in consumer confidence and customers are looking for brands to reassure them.

During an economic downturn, companies tend to reduce their marketing spending as a way of cutting costs, and a recent LinkedIn poll that we conducted indicates that 38% of companies are not planning on restarting their marketing spending until next year. However, this can be a mistake because marketing is not optional and failing to keep track of the changing needs of customers can have a negative effect on a company’s long-term performance. Companies that continue to closely examine the needs and priorities of their customers and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly are likely to reap the benefits both during and after the pandemic.

Even in these times of great change and uncertainty, it is essential for brands to stay true to their values and purpose. Great design that embodies a company’s vision or mission can help to enhance the brand and give it a competitive advantage, especially when used across multiple channels. Internet advertising is targeted, relatively cheap and its performance can be easily measured, making it an attractive marketing channel for companies to utilise during these unusual times.

As a full-service creative design agency, we can support companies in creating epic brands, reimagining websites or designing new marketing strategies to help businesses thrive, not just survive.

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