Successful brands get their marketing audited, do you?

Previously we carried out a marketing audit for a rather large company. From experience in past audits, we normally find smaller issues are a regular occurrence, the most common being:

  • Font’s being incorrectly used
  • Incorrect image use
  • Logo placement and spacing inconsistent 
  • Inconsistent paper stock use
  • Inconsistent print format
  • Website not following the same design style as printed media

This is just to mention a few!

The first step we tend to do is to gather all their printed materials, lay them on the table and compare. Is the hierarchy correct? Are the fonts consistent? This is a good starting process. Once this is complete, the next step is to move onto the website, consistency is key to your marketing, so any differences do have an impact.

Evidently many companies don’t even check to see if their marketing has been audited! Most of the time they have not adhered to the guidelines which causes inconsistency and can cause a negative impact on your business. This is due to the brand not being recognisable to consumers.

Overall it’s worth cross checking each time you have a new piece of collateral created that your brand guidelines are being used and if in doubt, considering a marketing audit!

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