The importance of branding in Education

Why would an academy be concerned with branding? Well a lot aren’t and that’s where problems may start. Academies need to understand that they are effectively a business like any other and marketing and branding are vital to their overall communication with the outside world. Academies that don’t work on their branding and marketing suffer in the long run, one major reason is staff recruitment and retention: if the academy aren’t concerned with how they communicate, they don’t attract the best staff, which may have a knock on effect on student behaviour, leading to an overall dip in reputation and decline in pupil intake.


I realise this seems overly dramatic and yes of course there are many more elements in play at the same time, but get the basics right if you can and create a marketing strategy supported with a strong brand and regular marketing communication with the outside world. Research shows teachers are attracted to academies that have the strongest brand and reputation and once they are employed they stay for longer periods so recruitment and retention are both enhanced.


It is also important for pupils to be proud of their academy, parents too. Good communication to parents is so important, ensuring they feel included and able to communicate back to the academy.  If parents feel they have a voice that will be listened to then a relationship between parents, teachers and the leadership team can be built where great ideas can be shared. My sons academy is the perfect example, they opened their doors to the community when they were in difficulty and the community pulled together and helped where they could which has lead to a much better relationship between the community and academy and pupil intake has gone from strength to strength.  Of course there are still improvements to be made as it is, as ever, an ongoing process.

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