How to get direct mail wrong!!

I recently received a piece of direct mail addressed to myself so opened it to find out what was inside, to my horror/amusement it was a leaflet asking if I would like to go and look at some new apartments.  Now this is where it gets a little amusing they are retirement apartments!!!!  I’m 49 not 59!!  All the images are of well dressed people but all late 50’s early 60’s having a ball and looking great.  I’m sure it’s a fab place to live but I’m not ready to be honest!  I still feel good or I did until this leaflet landed, now I feel old.

The moral of the story is get your target audience correct or you are wasting budget and your audience are getting confusing messages from you.  I am very tempted to go for a visit as there is a free gift on offer and just to see what they say to me, after all a M&S gift voucher always comes in handy.

I did think maybe they have blanket marketed to a geographical area but NO I was just hoping to make myself fell better!!!!  It was just me – I asked all my friends who quite honestly were in hysterics over it.

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