Does Your Brochure fit within your brand and your other marketing materials?

We are asked to design many brochures and we always ask a few questions… I hope the below helps.

Your brochure will be one of many items of marketing materials for your brand. Your brochure should Look and feel connected to your other marketing materials. The tone of voice, colour pallete, fonts and image style should be consistent with your branded materials. Also consider how the distribution of the brochure will take place, post, hand delivered or use at a trade show or even left after a face to face meeting, what other marketing materials could potentially piggyback with it. Think about the paper stocks and printing method too so often I see brochures that are well designed but the paper stock lets down the overall look and feel. Trade printers are a wealth of knowledge and advice you if you are unsure but this should all be part of the design process with your creatives, the correct paper can add another dimension to the overall look and feel uncoated paper does give the impression of quality or a spot varnish or foiling to the cover can make all the difference to make it stand out.

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