Direct Mail – Vs – Email

13.8 billion letters are sent every year vs 74 trillion emails are sent every year.

Life span
Average life span on letters seventeen days
Average life span on email is two seconds

Which is more memorable?
75% on letters
44% on email

Research reactions
79% of consumers act on direct mail immediately compared to 45% who act on emails straightaway
Direct mail generates a 44% response rate, compared to email average response rate of 0.12%
Direct mail generates 10% more customers than email 34% direct mail 24% email

Mixed media campaigns
51% Prefer companies to use a combination of mail & email
56% say mail makes them feel valued only 46% say the same for email
Customers spend 25% more when business use a combination of direct mail and email marketing.
Prospects are 10% to 20% more likely to convert on a direct mail offer verse an email offer.
Email marketing used in conjunction with direct mail campaigns achieve better Brand Awareness – Increased ROI – Enhanced Customer Experience


1 – Know the right time to utilise each channel to achieve your goals

2 – Enhance direct mail with digital calls to action driving traffic to your website.

3 – Create lasting first impressions with direct mail reinforcing it with email marketing

Of course, all the above needs clean and approved databases.

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