It’s not ‘what’ you say, it’s ‘how’ you say it

When creating copy for any marketing material you should always take into account the tone in which it is written.  ‘Tone’ can have a huge impact on the way clients, potential or existing, perceive you and your business.  It helps to not only get across your message but also helps expose your personality to the reader and determine what makes you different to your competitors.

Things are never black and white so never tell the reader what to do, but listen carefully and advise potential clients through discussion and understanding the problems they are looking to solve.  Giving insights and strong calls to action allows the client to see a little of what is on offer, establishes a relationship and warms them to you.  Follow up by making contact, ensuring the tone of the phone call or email fits with the ‘tone’ they have already experienced from your website or marketing material.  Make sure the whole team are briefed comprehensively and understand what you are trying to portray as there is nothing worse than not meeting or confusing a clients expectation when the image/tone of the agency is not consistently used in ALL forms of communication.

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