Bringing the Festival Tent to your Virtual Event : how to plan engaging online events

There are not many aspects of either our business or our personal lives that the pandemic has not affected this year, and in-person sales meetings and product launches are just two examples of business occasions that have had to be reimagined.

In order to ensure that employees and attendees remain engaged and that the events are successful, it is essential for virtual meetings and launches to be unique and exciting. It is particularly important to be creative when planning virtual events at the moment, since many employees may be experiencing “Zoom fatigue” as a result of the increased use of digital forms of communication during the pandemic.

So when we were approached by Ecophon (a manufacturer of acoustic panels, baffles and ceiling systems) to create an online sales and product launch event, we jumped at the opportunity to create something distinctive and effective for our client.

We created a vision of a virtual music festival, which tied in perfectly with Ecophon’s acoustic-related product range. Also, with this summer’s music festivals and concerts cancelled, it seemed a fitting theme for the event. EFEST was born: with festival t-shirts, branded lanyards, wristbands, power banks and even personalised videos being delivered to the employees’ homes in festival boxes that welcomed them to the event.

Some other potential ideas to spice up your business events could include: online games and competitions (ever tried an online murder mystery game or a virtual escape room?), virtual giveaways or health and wellbeing activities, to name but a few!

            For advice on how to inject some life and creativity into your business events or meetings, please get in touch.

Read more about how we created the ‘Festival in a Box’ concept for Ecophon’s product launch to help combat “Zoom fatigue” here:

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