Born Agency sponsors cycling race team

Born Agency are proud to announce we are one of the sponsors of the HUUB Ribble Performance Cycling Team helping young elite riders develop.

The HUUB Ribble Performance Academy programme gives aspiring young cyclists the opportunity to develop their race craft and physical attributes while studying academic qualifications in Sport to enhance their career prospects.

The HUUB Ribble Cycling Team enables students to benefit from the expertise of highly qualified and respected coaches such as Jacob Tipper Professional Cyclist at Ribble Weldtite Pro Cycling the sessions and race schedules are carried out alongside riders main programme of study, with a race calendar, which is focussed on weekends. The academy race programme centres on road and track cycling performance disciplines.

To qualify as part of the HUUB Ribble Performance Academy race team, you must meet the physical and endurance demands of elite level cycling. This performance testing will determine if you are part of the race team or development squad. At Born we are all keen on sports and keeping fit and have a particular interest in cycling (ask Shaun he will bore you with it) but it’s an exciting opportunity to team up with other companies to help young elite cyclists progress in their passion and sport as we are all about passion at Born.

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