Basics of brand strategy

Brand strategy is your plan for long term specific goals that you have set to achieve with the evolution of your successful brand. The combined elements of your business characters that make it identifiable.

So lets get started !!

A well planed and executed brand strategy will have effects on all areas and aspects of your business, this should be directly connected to your clients and potential clients needs, competitive enviroment and clients emotions.

Lets clear up on a misunderstanding your brand is not your logo, product, website or even your name.  Your brand is so much more, it’s the emotion you feel the intangible stuff  that’s difficult to really pin point.

If you want to build a brand that will be successful and be around for many years you should consider the list of things below:-

Consistancy of your messages


Emotional attachment (creating that warm wanted feeling)


Awarness of your competitors and client

Team backing



You will have to keep your eye on all the above to keep yourself on brand, if all the elements are not aligned your messages will not ring true to the audience.  Clients are very savvy these days and will pick up on the smallest of things.

Make sure your team buy in to your brand ethics as there is nothing worse than a clash of messages, There will be things that come along from time to time that will challenge you and your brand if you cave in and take an easy route other than what your brand really stand for.


Your branding will only use recycled print paper stocks and if the print quotes come in at more than expected  price do not change to a cheaper un-recycled paper stock – what does that say to your clients and potential clients!!!

Decide on what your brand stands for and rigidly stick to those decisions.

B is for Buoyant, you are irrepressible

O is for Open-hearted, filled with generosity

R is for Rare, your friendship is gold

N is for Noteworthy, having remarkable achievements

Everything Starts With A Dot.