Banksy – Artist or a marketing strategist?

It’s been almost three years since a Banksy painting partially shredded itself in front of shocked onlookers, moments after selling for over £1 million at a London auction. However, “Love is in the Bin” (renamed from “Girl with the Balloon”) has sold again this week, now for a staggering, record breaking high of £18.6 BILLION!

Now I don’t know my monet from my manet, but £18.6 billion for a partially destroyed piece of art seems ludacris. However does this beg the question – is Banksy an artist or an amazing marketing strategist?

Banksy is the world’s foremost graffiti artist, who’s had a massive mainstream impact on the way street art is viewed. What started as a subculture in the 70s on the streets of New York, street art now is viewed as the most popular forms of art today; and Banksy is its Christiano Ronaldo.

He is extremely passionate about his view and is against commercialisation of his work. He has a knack of making people react with shock, confusion, and amazement. His past theatrics included selling his paintings on Central Park to a willingly unknown man at $60 a piece (the real value was over 1 million). Witnessing the content and context of his actions, represent the proficiency of Banksy’s marketing, and how he uses his pseudonym to his advantage.

Whatever your thoughts on his art, Banksy is undeniably a brilliant marketer. So what tips can we take from the street artist and apply to our own marketing?

Stay current

Leave them wanting more

Don’t be predictable

Focus on the main product

Don’t wait for approval

Think outside the box

These are all USP’s that we bring to every project, as we love to create something that breaks the norm (although we’re yet to create a promotional brochure that shreds itself). Want to have a chat about your marketing? Give us a shout!

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