An Elegant Beer for a More Civilized Age

Taste the Galaxy… Join the Corps!

Stormtrooper Space Craft Beer definitely know their target audience!

As I was walking down the supermarket aisles recently, I passed many different beers on the shelves. I was grabbed by the impact of the Stormtrooper graphics on the packaging of this Space Craft Beer. The brand is awesome and perfect for their target audience of men aged between 35 and 55 who can remember the original Star Wars blockbuster… say no more about Princess Leia.

The name of the beer, Stormtrooper Galactic Pale Ale, and the box design are both bang on. They have tapped into the minds of their audience and have encouraged them to reminisce about their younger years. They have clearly done their homework and it shows.

If anyone has tried this beer and can vouch for its taste, contact us and let us know what you think!

Well done Stormtrooper Space Craft Beer.

What’s next? It has got to be a Wookiee Brew!

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