Agency Retainers: What You Gain When You Retain

So what exactly is an agency retainer, you may ask?

It is an agreement between a business and an agency to work together for a period of time, on more than one project. It reserves a set amount of the agency’s time for an agreed rate.

Although retainers are not always the right fit for every company, it can be a great option for clients who want better value for money, more focused designs and a great long-term agency partnership.

Value for money: you are likely to receive a better rate and a lower per-project cost if you choose an agency retainer, since you are essentially pre-paying for the agency’s work.

More focused designs: if you work with an agency over a long period of time, they will be able to get to know your brand and your company’s long-term goals at a deeper level – leading to better, more focused content and designs.

  • A solid partnership between an agency and a client can also encourage designers to experiment and take creative risks, often leading to more exciting designs and optimised results.

Great long-term agency partnership: since trust develops over time, long-term partnerships between agencies and clients are often characterised by a high-level of trust and respect.

  • It is also easier for the agency to integrate each project into larger marketing strategies, leading to greater continuity between your campaigns.

As you can see, there are many things to gain from retaining. To discuss the different models in more detail and to find the best fit for your company, please get in touch!

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